Zibo Kewen Machinery and Electrical Co.Ltd

  We at Zibo Kewen Machinery and Electrical Company, Ltd., are specialists as the suppliers of castings, forgings and other metal parts. We serve virtually every metal parts area.
  We are the sole exporting agent of Kelun Casting and many other famous companies and as such, we are offering a complete line of steel castings, iron castings, medical devices, forgings and so on.
  The suppliers are equipped with advanced equipment and have completed quality assurance regulations - (ISO9001-2000) (TS16949) (QS9000) (ISO14001).
  As the bridge between manufacturers and users, we pay special attention to our quality and customers' needs and thoughts. We have very strict inpection before releasing the products including Spectrameter analyzing the specification,Micro structure inspetion, Hard testing, Ultro-sonic inspection, TT,YT inspection and the like.
  Our market has expanded to USA, Germany, Danmark, and other European contries,South-America and so on. The Kewen executives and employees continue to follow its original philosophy to furnish high quality and reliable products while providing prompt delivery and service with a personal touch.

Our network strategy

KEWEN is partner of an international sourcing network for castings, metal parts and machined components.

We are concentrated in following tasks:
▲Selecting the best suitable oroducer for your requirements
▲Auditing production and inspection processes
▲Inspection of produced parts during production and before shipment
▲Logistic tasks+financial managements
▲We take full responsibility for quality+delivery in time